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Ideal Bedroom Furniture

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Established in 1957, Ideal Furniture is a family-run business offering a wide range of affordable bed frames and bedroom furniture. Made from a variety of materials including metal, wood and faux leather, these products are designed to be both long-lasting and stylish. Choose from a fantastic selection of bed frames, headboards and furniture.

Bed Frames
Ideal Bed Frames
From £59 More Info
Divan Beds
Ideal Divan Beds
From £109 More Info
Ideal Furniture Mattresses
From £69 More Info
Furniture Sets
Ideal Furniture Sets
From £135 More Info
Ideal Wardrobes
From £65 More Info
Chest of Drawers
Ideal Furniture Chest of Drawers
From £50 More Info
Ideal Furniture Bedsides
From £30 More Info
Dressing Tables
Ideal Furniture Dressing Tables
From £65 More Info
Ideal Furniture Headbaords
From £16 More Info
Bella Range
Ideal Furniture Bella Range
From £30 More Info
Alaska Range
Ideal Furniture Alaska Range
From £35 More Info
Regal Range
Ideal Furniture Regal Range
From £95 More Info
New York Range
Ideal Furniture New York Range
From £80 More Info
Bobby Range
Ideal Furniture Bobby Range
From £65 More Info
Ashley Range
Ideal Furniture Ashley Range
From £70 More Info
Anemone Range
Ideal Furniture Anemone Range
From £70 More Info
Onyx Range
Ideal Furniture Onyx Range
From £65 More Info
Celline Range
Ideal Furniture Celline Range
From £77 More Info
Ruby Range
Ideal Furniture Ruby Range
From £68 More Info
Nikko Range
Ideal Furniture Nikko Range
From £45 More Info
Chelsea Gloss Range
Ideal Furniture Chelsea Gloss Range
From £79 More Info