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Frank Hudson Bedroom Furniture Ranges

Frank Hudson Bedroom furniture

BedroomWorld proudly brings to you the finest classic bedroom furniture pieces from Frank Hudson. Inspired from across the ages and made to the highest quality standards, each piece has been hand carved with the utmost care, to offer you furniture of superb and traditional craftsmanship. Enjoy browsing through this magnificent selection of meticulously hand finished ranges.

Alexandria Range
A classic, French influenced design that exudes elegance.
Frank Hudson Alexandria Range
From £409 More Info
Spire Range
Sumptuous solid woods in a Classical English design.
Frank Hudson Spire Range
From £219 More Info
Meticulously handcrafted to impeccably high standards, Frank Hudson beds are exquisite pieces of furniture that bring elegance and class to every bedroom they grace.

From a design point of view, this prestigious manufacturer draws on many classical influences. The French Renaissance, gothic and American/Spanish colonial eras, among others, are represented flawlessly across the company's comprehensive selection. Among the traditional, classic designs, there are some that explore more uncharted areas. The Alexandria model for instance, celebrates the beautiful landscapes of Egypt and the influence of French design on the country with striking curvature and precise floral detail.

However, Frank Hudson beds don't just offer attractive, nostalgic designs, but they deliver equally impressively in terms of craftsmanship. Each bed is lovingly handcrafted, using traditional, time-honoured techniques in the name of authenticity. This ensures that every product meets the remarkably high standards set by the company. Furthermore, Frank Hudson beds are built using only natural materials from renewable sources.

As a business that has run through three generations, this manufacturer has proven to be greatly enduring in terms of appeal. This comes as no surprise, given that Frank Hudson beds prove beyond doubt that there is a place for high quality, classically inspired and traditionally crafted design in the modern home.