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Frank Bosworth

Frank Bosworth Logo BedroomWorld proudly presents a beautiful range of beds from Frank Bosworth. Frank Bosworth believe new ideas can enhance the comfort of our everyday living environment, making our living space more beautiful and more comfortable. Choose from a comprehensive selection of beds in a range of colours, materials, and styles.
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Innovative, fresh and contemporary, Frank Bosworth beds are wildly different to anything else available on the market. This designer embraces modernism to produce bold pieces that can almost stand alone as works of art in their own right.

By infusing new ideas with unorthodox building materials, such as metal and leather, Bosworth produces gorgeous beds with the charm of a homely place to rest, as well as the sleek, eye-catching sensibilities of modern art. Comfort has not been sacrificed however, as the key philosophy behind Frank Bosworth beds is to enhance the comfort of our everyday living environment through innovation.

The hugely popular 'Beano' model is a perfect example. Coated in stylish faux leather, with curved sides and a dipping headboard, this piece of furniture is perfect for a modern bedroom. Other models featured in the range are equally exciting, such as the dramatic and provocative 'Veneto', the minimalist 'Nero' and the space-age, metal-framed Tracker. This manufacturer really pushes at the boundaries to create unique, ultra-modern beds.

Frank Bosworth beds are great alternatives to more traditional designs. The presence of one of these strikingly original pieces can enhance any bedroom. Strong and sturdy, these products are well-built as well as stylish and affordable.