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Designer Rattan Logo Choose from the latest innovations in sleep technology with Dormeo, offing a range of mattresses to suit all requirements. Each high quality mattress is crafted with your comfort and well-being as its priority. Patented EcocellĀ® foam has been created to support you whilst keeping you cool throughout the night. All mattresses come with a 15 year warranty and next day delivery..
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The Dormeo Beds brand has long been synonymous with advanced mattress technology, and the latest range is no exception. This selection of mattresses caters to a broad range of sleeping needs, whether you need extra back support, or whether you're looking for a bed that offers an especially soft sleep.

The quality of your sleep can affect your whole day, which is why Dormeo beds have invested so much time and effort into developing mattresses that really help you sleep comfortably. For example, we have Dormeo designs that have been developed to reduce static electricity - believed to negatively affect both body and mind. Special carbon fibres have been sewn into the comfortable cover, which help to dissipate static and encourage a truly peaceful sleep.

For those who have invested in a Dormeo beds mattress in the past, the difference to their sleeping life will be clear. Advanced Ecocell & foam technology ensures that your Dormeo bed shapes itself to your body, helping to engender a genuinely sound sleep even for those with back problems. Take a look at our range today - all available at fantastic prices - and discover for yourself what truly good quality sleep can do for your waking life, as well as your dreaming life.